Would you do a Redo?

Hello on this happy election Tuesday!  What?  You’re not happy?  Me either, but still get out there and vote!!  On to today’s prompt:

It you could redo one moment in your life, what would it be and why?  How would it change who you are now?

I had to do some deep thinking for this one.  I have MANY moments in my life that I wish I could redo.  So many stupid and idiotic things.  Hindsight is definitely 20/20.  But I also, for the most part am very happy with where I’m at in life and who I am.  I am more than happy with the people in my life.  My children, husband, family and friends.  I wouldn’t want to do anything to jeopardize what I have.  I also am a firm believer that those mistakes we make growing up are what forms us into the person we are today.  So I’m not sure, if I were genuinely offered the gift of a redo if I would take it.

One thing that has been happening in my family life lately has been my daughter’s participation in the high school marching band.  I was in the band in high school as well but too chicken to be in the marching band.  It is something I have always regretted.  And seeing all the memories she’s made, the confidence it has given her, the way it has changed her for the better, is definitely something I wish I had done.  BUT what if I had been in the marching band and didn’t have that regret of not doing it?  Would I have pushed her to do it as much?  I had regretted it so much that I really pushed hard for her to at least try it for a year.  She was on the fence and wanted to quit during the summer camp.  But she trudged on.  Saturday was her last day of marching band this year and she already misses it. So I will gladly live with that regret if that means that she gets to experience something so wonderful.



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  1. So appropriate Shelly. Sarah joined Color Guard this year and I think it was a positive experience for her. It moved her out of her comfort zone since she didn’t really know anyone in the guard. She had her friends Julia and Savannah in the band which is mainly why she joined but I think she learned from the experience too, to be a part of a “team” to work together for a common goal.

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