Worst Thanksgiving Food Fail

Good morning 🙂  How is everyone this chilly Monday morning?  I actually had to put the heat on for the first time this fall!  I’m enjoying the cooler temps.  I’m also dragging a bit today.  It’s my first day off since last Tuesday and I’m tired!

Worst Thanksgiving Food Fail

Anyways, on to today’s prompt: “worst Thanksgiving food fail”.  This brings me back to the Thanksgiving of 2007.  My family had just PCS’d (permanent change of station for all you non military folk) from England to New Jersey.  Anna was 5 and Samantha was 2.  We didn’t know anyone, it was cold, and we still didn’t have any of our belongings.  You see when you move from England to the states, they have to crate all of your belongings and ship them back across the big pond.  It takes at least 6 weeks.  Thankfully you are able to have a small shipment of necessities sent sooner.  So we were “lucky” enough to have some air mattresses, lawn chairs, and a pot and a pan for several weeks.  If you’ve never slept on an air mattress in the dead of winter in New Jersey for 6 weeks, you are missing out!  The cold would seep into your very soul.  I just could not get warm.

So there we were, 1000 miles from family, in a new place with no friends or furniture and Thanksgiving was approaching.  Luckily, my mom came and we decided to order a meal from a local Boston Market and have dinner in our new home.  It was the saddest Thanksgiving meal I’ve ever had.  We ate on the floor around our new coffee table we had just bought on paper plates, plastic utensils, and solo cups.  It was also the most memorable Thanksgiving I’ve ever had.  I was so thankful to be with my family and going through yet another change, together.   Isn’t that what it’s all about?

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