Working on a resolution

Pull Up bar

This is happening, folks.  I am working on a resolution.  Mastering a Pull UP.  My sweet hublet built this from scratch so that I can work on my pull-ups, or lack there of, at home.  This is huge on multiple levels.  One, because hublet is not too handy (or so he claims) and he did a FINE job on this.  It was a family affair, complete with a family trip to Lowes, and a few hours in the garage with many helping hands.  I loved how involved my kids were and how excited they were to try it out.  The huge smile on hubby’s face when he completed it was worth more (well, almost) than me finally mastering the pull up (if that day ever comes).  As you can see, I even purchased rings (to practice ring rows), chalk (in the blue bin), those arm thingys to practice toes to bar, and not in the picture, is a band to assist my fat a@$ up there until I can get it on my own.  My daughter was talking to me today about wanting to become stronger.  I told her I love feeling strong.  I think strong women are beautiful.  She said she wanted to start working out with me at home on our new contraption.  Even more motivation to get out there and work on this.  Since I still plan on going to Crossfit my usual 5 mornings a week, I think I might do this Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  Maybe 3 sets of 10.  I also want to work on my double unders while I’m at it.  I will try to keep you updated on my progress and you will definitely know if I ever master the pull up.

Pull Up Bar

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