Whole 30 Grocery Strategies

Whole 30 Grocery Strategies

Whole 30 can be stressful.  You are probably going to completely change how you’ve been eating and preparing meals.  To save yourself some of the stress, I highly suggest you follow some or all of the tips in this post.  Who knows, you may even learn to love cooking (if you don’t already!).

Tip #1: Meal Planning

You definitely want to plan your meals.  Figure out the type of person you are and how far in advance you would like to plan.  The entire month?  Just one week?  Or just a few days?  I usually like to plan my meals on a Saturday for the week and shop early Sunday morning when the store is not as busy.

Tips #2: Shop Smart

Before starting your Whole 30 begin to figure out where you are going to shop.  There is no need to go to 100 different speciality stores to find what you need.  Just do your best with the resources you have.  Organic and grass-fed items are NOT part of the Whole 30 if you can’t afford or find these items.

Know that when you initially start shopping, it may take a while to get through the store, reading all the labels and finding what you want.  Plan to shop when it is not as crowded and you aren’t in a hurry.

Think about purchasing items online.  Amazon has many items you can purchase, such as ghee (this is where I get mine), coconut aminos or almond flour.  Barefoot Provisions is another great alternative with a large amount of Whole 30 approved items.  I just discovered this site and signed up for their newsletter.  Wholesome is another site I just discovered that offers special offers and discount codes for Whole 30 approved partners if you sign up for their newsletter.

Tip #3: Keep it Simple

Be realistic about the time you have and how you will be able to prepare meals.  I work full-time and I’m really busy during the week.  I plan to do a lot of prepping on Sunday to have items on hand ready to go during the week.  For instance, you could go ahead and cook your meats, boil eggs, chop veggies, and make sauces on Sunday to throw meals together during the week.

Tip #4: Make it at home

Most condiments and sauces are not going to be Whole 30 compliant and the store-bought ones are expensive and hard to find.  Make time and an effort to make it home.  They are SO good and have many variations to jazz up your food.  I especially love homemade mayo.  I never had it until my first Whole 30 and let me tell you, it is delicious!!!!  And there are so many ways you can add various ingredients to it to make your taste buds love you forever!


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