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My decision to start this blog was not something I had been considering for a long time or had researched a lot about.  I have blogged a little bit in the past and really enjoyed it.  While I was home during Christmas break, I just happened upon this amazing site for great blogging tips.  Before I was even finished reading her post about How to Start a Blog, I decided I was going to do it.  I started at step one and followed all of her advice.  She has a great way of explaining things for anyone to understand.  I’ve also subscribed to her Useletter and youtube channel. She is quite hilarious!  Anytime I’m unsure about something in the blogging world, I automatically go to her website.  Today I decided to purchase her Knowtbook.  I cannot wait to dive into it.  My family may not see me the rest of the day!  Has anyone else used AmyLynn for help?  Are there any other great and helpful websites you use?  I would love to hear about them.

site for great blogging tips

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