Real Plans: Meal planning made simple

is getting a healthy dinner on the table a struggle_

Whats for dinner?

Do you often struggle to figure out what to make for dinner?  Are you always in a rush after work to throw something together with what you have on hand and call that a meal?  If you’re like me, meal planning is often one of the hardest things on my plate (pun intended! ha!).

I’ve tried many different meal planners out there to try to get organized.  I’ve purchased blank meal planner notebooks to allow you to fill in your meals for the days of the week.  That didn’t seem to work, because I would usually plan meals from Pinterest and then would struggle to find the dang recipe once it was time to actually cook it.

I tried my own blank spiral notebook in hopes I would have more room to write.  More space didn’t help.

I tried different apps, but they never seemed to have everything I needed or were too tedious for my taste.

Then I discovered real plans

While doing my last Whole 30, I fell in love with a few bloggers from Instagram and in the process discovered Real Plans.

real food meal plans

As I was finishing up my Whole 30, I was no nervous about making my own meal plans, but wow!  Real Plans saved the day!  You can pick from various meal plan types, such as traditional, paleo, and vegetarian, just to name a few.

You tell Real Plans what you like and don’t like, how many meals a week you want planned, and voila, you have a list of meals, recipes, and a totally customized grocery list!  It’s super flexible, too.  Don’t like a recipe?  Just put another one in it’s place!  Your grocery list will change according to what you do in the plan.

Want to use some of your favorite recipes?  Done!  You can easily import other recipes.

Take a look at ​this video to see it in action!

Another great feature is the app for your phone, so you can take your shopping list on the go with you.  As you shop and put items in your cart, you can check off items to remove them from the list.  Don’t let THIS happen to you!

Do you show up at the grocery store without a list and hope for the bestYesssss!  I want to know more!