Poetry through the eyes of a 12 year old

Recently, Samantha had a poetry section in her English class and discovered she really likes to write poetry.  And I discovered I really loved reading her poetry!  The following poems are all written by her, my sweet 12 year old, Samantha.

Dear soldiers

You're strong,


Not wrong,

Not rough.

You fight for me

And fight for us.

Oh how lucky I must be

To have someone who is brave for us!

You bring tears

To my eyes

And cure fears

With my cries.

You make me glad

That I have someone 

Who is so rad!

You're number one!

the cat's out

The house is gone,

The house is gone.

I'm out and free,

Not just on the lawn.

Everyone out just leaves me be.

They don't see a point to mess with me.

Except for one

That looks a little messy.

It's tough jaws make me run.

Maybe the outdoors aren't that fun.

I skitter and scatter away,

My paws aching a ton.

He hears something and runs away.

It must've been that time of day

When the wolves come out and play.

Maybe I'll just stay inside today.


A jellyfish

A hare,

A croccidile,

A bear.

They're all unique

And have some flaws,

But no one's perfect,

And that's not wrong.

the broken key

The door,



There's no way out.

The key is broken.

You're stuck inside,

Alone with only your thoughts.

No one knows you're in there.

No one can help,

Except you.

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