Photography inspiration

Have you ever seen someone’s photography and just thought, “wow!  I wish I could photograph like that!”.  There is a food blog that I’ve followed for a couple of years now and she takes the most beautiful pictures.  Last year she was diagnosed with Celiac disease, so her focus has since changed to gluten-free eating.  While I don’t have any sensitivities to gluten, my sister does.  This website is a fantastic resource for gluten-free recipes.  Kristin has written an e-book, Gluten-free for Beginners that I think would be very helpful to anyone that needs to know more about how to go gluten-free.


Another website that I’ve found super helpful lately is Pinch of Yum.  She has so many helpful hints for food bloggers.  I bought her e-book, Tasty Food Photography and that’s what I had been reading to help me get my tuna salad photo!

photography inspiration







Does anyone else have any photography inspiration they would recommend?  I would love to know about them!  I would be over the moon to be good enough to be featured on Tastespotting or Foodgawker .

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