My List of Thankfulness

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Hey y’all!

How has your November been treating you so far?  Has the weather been crazy where you’ve been?  It went straight from summer to winter here.  And now everywhere I look, it’s Christmas!  I feel like we are totally skipping Thanksgiving, and that makes me sad 🙁

This has been a year of many ups and downs, as I’m sure it has been for you too.  But I hope that for the most part, it’s been a year of growth.  It’s so important to me to continually grow as a person, wife, mom, and friend.

As you look back and reflect on the past year, what are you most thankful for?  What makes you want to drop to your knees and thank God for all the blessings in your life?

These are my top 10 things I’m most thankful for:

  1. My family.  My husband of 17 years and my 2 daughters.  I love them more than anything in this whole entire world.  They are my world.
  2. My job.  I work with the best group of people anyone could ever ask for.
  3. My health.  So cliche I know, but it is so true isn’t it?
  4. Getting to be a band mom.  Marching band is something that I have always regretted not doing.  I get to live vicariously through my daughter and I have loved every minute of it.  The life lessons she has learned from marching band will be invaluable.
  5. Owning a camper.  In the spring we became the proud owner of a camper, and the benefits of camping with your family are amazing!  It forces you to put down the technology and spend time with one another!
  6. Being in the totality path of the solar eclipse.  Being able to experience that with my family is something I will never forget.  I have no words for what an amazing 2 minutes that was!
  7. The power of forgiveness.  It’s hard to forgive and to ask for forgiveness y’all!  I’ve had to do both this year and it did amazing things for me.
  8. Helping my Daddy publish his books.  What an amazing gift!  I will always cherish his stories.  You can find Crash Course here and Survival here.  They are amazing books!
  9. My pets!  And I have a lot of them.  Currently, we have 2 greyhounds and 4 cats.  All rescued!  If you ever want a calm no-nonsense dog, a greyhound is the way to go 🙂
  10. My husbands support for all my crazy ideas.  I’m always trying this or that and he never questions me or makes me feel guilty when those crazy ideas don’t work.  It means more to me than he knows.

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