Mini Nutella Banana Muffins

I whipped these babies up before I started cooking dinner tonight.  They were a great, low point dessert, at only 2 Smart Points each.  I must admit I licked the Nutella spoon when I was finished and was flabbergasted when I saw how many smarties are in a 2 Tablespoon serving.  Are you sitting down?  10 Smart Points!  I will NOT be doing that again!  Holy cow!  Sometimes as much as I don’t want to know how many points certain foods are, once I know, I can’t un-know.  Ya know?  That’s the great thing about tracking.  It forces you to be aware.  I fell off the wagon a bit this weekend.  My sweet, dear hublet keeps bringing junk food into the house.  If it’s here, I’m going to eat it.  I really wish he would quit doing that!  I just have to have stronger will-power, I guess.  And on that note, I hope you enjoy this tasty dessert 🙂

Mini Nutella Banana muffins


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