Make Your Own Fleece Blanket

Make your own fleece blanket

For Christmas this year, Samantha went on a mission to make presents for all her favorite people.  She researched Pinterest for the best ideas and made a supply list.  One present she wanted to make was a fleece blanket for her cousins to go with a movie night theme.  She also gave them a movie, hot cocoa packets, popcorn, and candy.  Too cute!  The blanket was super easy to make and the best part was picking out the fabric.

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Materials Needed

  • Fleece fabric in 2 designs (one for the front and one for the back). We got 3 yards of each design at Joanns.  If you’ve never shopped at Joann fabric, I would highly suggest it for any fabric needs.  They have a huge variety and if you sign up for their email, you will get great coupons.  They also have a military discount, which I love.
  • Scissors
  • Ruler


Lay the fabric out flat (we did it on the floor), with one piece on top of the other

In each corner, cut a 4″x 4″ square out.

From there, measure and cut 1.5″x 4″ pieces all the way around.

Fleece blanket 2

Fleece blanket 5

Then tie each cut section in a double knot.  We did one side at a time.

Fleece blanket 4.2

Anna made a blanket using this same method in school last year.  I’ve washed it several times in the washing machine and put it in the dryer and it’s held up fine.  It’s super warm and soft and big enough to share 🙂


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