Laughter; Increase the Quality of your Life


After spending the day with my family, I realized, as I left with a smile on my face, that I really needed a day of laughter.  Did you know that laughter eases stress, lowers blood pressure, and helps to boost your immune system?

How does it boost your immune system?  We release endorphins when we laugh.  These are our body’s natural painkillers and once they are released, we also release T-cells, the cells used to ward off sickness.

How is stress and blood pressure lowered? When we laugh, it lowers the stress hormone, cortisol.  Laughing also takes in more oxygen, and increases air intake and our heart rate, thus lowering blood pressure.

Many studies have been conducted to show that leading a happy, positive, laughter filled life can help ward off illnesses, and increase the overall quality of life.  Having that inside joke, can help you bond with others, too.  All I have to say to Gordon to make him smile is, “don’t make me shoulder bump you” and it’s all over.  You can read all about that fight here.

Are you known for your laughter?

I’ve been told a time or two that I have a very distinctive laugh and that people miss it when I’m gone.  What an amazing thing to be remembered by.  I always try to find the humor in things and I’m glad that’s what people think of when they think of me.  I would hate to be remembered by something negative.  Although I’ve also gotten in trouble a time or two for laughing too loud! How is that even possible??

What makes you laugh?

Do you have that certain someone in your life that just makes you laugh without much effort?  Gosh, I hope with all my heart that you do.  That person in my life is my sister, Tiffany.  She is the only person that can make me laugh until I cry.  And 9 times out of 10, we are both laughing so hard we are crying, snorting, gasping for air and well… you get the picture.  And everyone else in the room is looking at us like we have two heads and can’t figure out what is so funny.  We just get each other.  Lord help my kids when we are out in public together.  We usually embarrass them to no end.  I hope that one day my kids laugh like that together because it’s the most amazing feeling.

So get to laughing and improving your life!  We only get one, might as well make the best of it.



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