How to Make your own home gym

How you can set up your own gym at home

If you’re like me, just the thought of going to a gym full of fit people might make you wanna puke.  It’s enough to make me talk myself out of going to the gym every time. Then add in the cost of a gym membership, trying to make it there during the times they are open (or have classes), and having to wait on equipment (IF you talk yourself into going), you’ll never make it!

So why not make your own gym?  It’s open 24 hours, you never have to wait on equipment, there is no drive time, and no one there to make you feel intimidated.  You really don’t need a lot of expensive equipment to make you get your sweat on. You may need to spend a little money up front, but then it’s paid for and there is no monthly membership.

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First, you need a space in your house.  If you don’t have a garage or extra room you can use, then find a room you can move around in and keep any of your equipment in a closet.  I did that for the longest time! If you do have a room, then yay!!

Once you decide where your space is, next you need to decide what you need.  I strongly suggest doing both cardio AND weight training. When you think cardio, do you automatically think treadmill?  Don’t! There are so many other ways to get your heart pumping than a boring and pricey treadmill. You could do burpees, jump rope, HIIT workouts, videos, etc….  I have a treadmill and don’t remember the last time I was on there. And if you do want to run, there is always the great outdoors.

For weights, all you need are a few dumbells and weight bench to get started.  Later, you can invest in a barbell and weight plates. For the weight bench, I would suggest one that raises and lowers to increase the amount of movements you can do.  For the dumbells, if you are just starting out, I would get a set of 5’s, 10’s, 15’s, and 20’s. Looking online is a great place to get used gym equipment. I’ve purchased most of my things off Facebook, Craigslist, and OfferUp.  

Mobility bands are another great, inexpensive investment.  You can use them in so many ways and they really add quality to your workouts.

Exercise balls are also a great addition to your gym.  They are really great for ab and stability work.

I would also suggest a yoga mat to protect your bum during ab workouts and elbows during planks!

If you need help with ideas on where to find workouts, read my post How to workout at home for FREE.

My home gym

I recently finished my home gym in my garage makeover and I couldn't be happier.  I use it every morning before work and sometimes catch my kids working out in there, too!

The flooring is what made this finally feel like a gym.  I purchased stall mats from Tractor Supply for $40 each and they were worth every penny!  If you plan on buying some for your garage, I suggest taking a truck and some muscles because those jokers weigh 100 pounds each!

Once we bought our mats, it was time to lay it all out.  The things I use the most are my dumbbells, bench, and yoga mat.  

Home gym essentials

I also have a DIY pull up bar rack that can also hold my bar, a treadmill, and a Smith machine.  

DIY pull up bar rack
home gym

If creating a home gym has been on your to-do list, I highly encourage you to get er done.  It really is amazing.  My only regret is I wish I had created it sooner.

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Need help figuring out what to stock your home gym with?  Read this for a list of home gym essentials.

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