How To Increase Productivity Based on Personality

Have you ever tried to be productive in the same way as your co-workers or classmates and just can’t do it?

Have you ever wondered how some people can get a gazillion things accomplished in one day, but others are doing good if they get 2 things checked off their to-do list?

It may be personality type that is affecting productivity. There are 4 main categories and knowing what category you fall into may help you increase your productivity. You can learn what environment helps you the most and what your style is.

The Prioritizer

What you’re good at: You’re a prioritizer if you love having goals, are a great problem solver and are a wiz at keeping a project on track. Your favorite things are time tracking tools and to-do lists.

What you’re not good at: You won’t be good with spontaneity, or ideas that aren’t fact-based. You’ll also have a hard time with focusing on the how because you just want to focus on the fastest way to solve the problem.

Every team needs a prioritizer to help keep them on track and help them with problem-solving. They also aren’t fans of small-talk, so you won’t find them wasting time with gossip.

The Planner

What you’re good at: You’re a planner if you geek out on organization, and well thought out, detailed thinking. You’re great at writing detailed directions and summaries (for example, in emails).

What you’re not good at: Like the prioritizer, you don’t like spontaneity or anything that breaks away from the plan. Sometimes this can mean you’ll miss out on opportunities for fear of deviating from the plan.

Every team needs a planner to see the details of a project. They are always on time, get to the point, and will find the mistakes everyone else misses. Planners make great project managers.

The Arranger

What you’re good at: You’re an arranger if you think with your emotions and like to make sure everyone on the team is ok. An arranger loves to be supportive and show empathy.

What you’re not good at: You’re not great at hiding your feelings or working by yourself. You may find yourself getting caught up in work gossip.

Every team needs an arranger to uplift and encourage the them.

The Visualizer

What you’re good at: You’re a visualizer if you love working in a high-pressure environment and juggle multiple projects at one time. You thrive off spontaneity and curveballs.

What you’re not good at: You sometimes miss the details because you’re focused on the big picture.

Every team needs a visualizer to bring innovative ideas to the table and help connect the dots.

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The personality types found at 16 personalities can also help describe your productivity style.


Extroverts love to be around people and get their energy from others. Working in an environment with lots of other people will energize them and increase their productivity. Working remotely wouldn’t be good for an extrovert! Extroverts are great for teaching others and getting the conversations and ideas flowing. 


Introverts are quite the opposite of an extrovert. Being around a lot of people will zap them of any productivity and drain them. Introverts work best by themselves, in quiet spaces.


Sensing people are very grounded and realistic. They are most productive when their information is laid out there in easy-to-understand formats, such as outlines and visual props. In order to not lose focus, a sensing person needs to take a step back from time to time and remember the big picture.


If you are intuitive, you may have a hard time staying focused. Taking short breaks every hour or so will bring your focus back to where it needs to be. Intuitive people are also creative and are more productive when allowed to let their creativity flow!


Feelers feel everything! They are most productive in a positive environment with no drama. If someone is feeling down, a feeler will try to make them feel better and forget about their work.


Judging people like an orderly, structured environment. They wouldn’t do well in a very disorderly work space or spontaneity.


Perceivers go-with-the-flow and love spontaneity. Don’t put them in a structured, orderly environment that a judging person would love. Perceivers also have a hard time with meeting deadlines and procrastination. In order to stay productive, having mini-deadlines can be a good idea.

As you can see, productivity cannot be a one-size fits all. We are all different and accomplish things in different ways. To everyone in one category would be doing the entire team a disservice.

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Learning more about your personality type will help you learn how to be more productive. Your personality type can tell you a lot about how you work best.

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