How I Help Myself

Hello!  Is there anybody out there?  Man, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve touched my poor blog.  Oh how I’ve missed it!  I couldn’t even remember how to log on!  I have had so many changes in my personal life (more on that later) this year and it feels like things are finally getting back into a groove.  While waiting in the car line, so I saw a post on a Facebook group about a NaBloPoMo writing challenge (short for National Blog Posting Month).  They give you a writing prompt for every weekday in November and the challenge is to post once a day.  This is just the kick in the arse that I need!  I don’t have to think of a prompt, just write.  That is challenge enough for me these days.  So for today, November 1st, the prompt is “When you’re having a bad day with your mental health, what do you do to help yourself?”  I think the hardest thing about this is recognizing that you actually are having a bad day.  When you’re deep in the trenches it can sometimes be hard to realize that mentally things just aren’t going well.  I know that I’ve struggled with situational depression for years and have gone on and off of antidepressants since I was a teenager.  I’m currently taking them now.  I tried to decrease the dosage a few months ago and quickly realized that wasn’t a good idea!  I’m going to create a list of things I use to help myself.

  1. Go for a walk
  2. Spend some time outdoors
  3. Spend good quality time with my kids
  4. Bake
  5. Organize something that’s been weighing on me
  6. Embrace change
  7. Read a book
  8. Watch a funny movie (I normally can’t sit still long enough to watch a movie from beginning to end, but a few days ago I watched The Minions and laughed so hard I woke the whole family up).
  9. Take a hot bath
  10. Just go to bed
  11. Have a glass of wine
  12. Garden

Yep, that’s about it.  I think my favorite two things in that list are spending time with my kids and reading a book.  My kids can always make me smile and there’s nothing better than getting lost in a good book.  I hope you have found ways to cope when you’re down and I would love to hear what they are!


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