My house got a facelift!

We bought our house about 1.5 years ago, and I’ve never really liked the color of it.  It’s a baby blue color with dark blue shutters, wood stained front door, and cream trim.  Yuck.  Not my style.  At.  All.  This is only the second house I’ve ever owned and our first house was new, so there wasn’t a lot that needed to be done to improve it.  Not to mention we were only in it for 3 years.  So, this is the first time I’ve ever done a home improvement project that everybody and their mama would be able to see and judge.  I knew I hated the colors, but had no idea what I wanted done.  My kids said I wasn’t allowed to change the baby blue color.  They love the idea of saying they live in the blue house.  Weirdos.  But that was fine with me.  I didn’t have the money to change the vinyl, too.  I only wanted to update the trim/shutters/door. One day at lunch I brought up the color dilemma to my lunch buddies  Alicia found a picture of a house about the same color as mine and it had white trim with black shutters and front door.  It looked great!

So I went on a mission to get some quotes.  I settled with a local painter, Randy Wardlaw, and  I couldn’t be happier with the way the house turned out. We’ve had so many positive comments from our neighbors that I know we made the right decision.

Before house

See the awful cream color and faded blue shutters?  

before house.2

After house

And after!!!  I can almost hear angels singing at the beauty!!!!!

Do you see the gold light fixtures by the garage door?  Those needed a makeover, too!  So I bought this spray paint and had the hubby work his magic.

The ugly gold fixture 

before light fixture

after light fixture

Ta Da!!!!!  It makes such a huge difference!

Now I can’t wait to get started on the yard.  I have some big improvement ideas!

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