Hello 🙂 Today’s writing prompt is “If you could be completely honest with no regrets, what would you say and to whom?”.  Well, I find this prompt quite hilarious.  If I had a burning desire to be honest about something in particular with someone I certainly wouldn’t blog about it for all the world to see (not that anyone is even reading this, but still)!  But I would really like to be more honest with myself.  It is so easy to deceive yourself on so many levels.  It’s sad, really.  I would tell myself to stop making excuses about why I can’t get back on the health wagon.  Just do it already.  No it’s not always fun or easy, but you did it once, you can definitely do it again!  You DO have time, you just need to adjust how you spend it.  Speaking of spending, I would also have a come to Dave Ramsey (instead of Jesus) meeting about budgeting.  My goodness I hate it with a passion, but it’s something I need to work on.

What about you?  Is there anything you need to get off your chest?

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