Why I Hate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?  I ask this every year, and every year I come to the same conclusion.  I hate Valentine’s Day.

Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?

With Valentine’s Day celebrations happening all over the world tomorrow, I thought I’d share my thoughts on this special day.  The history of Valentine’s Day is shrouded in mystery.  Some believe it originated from an ancient Roman fertility festival called Lupercalia while others believe it began with Saint Valentine, a Roman priest who married young couples against the wishes of the Emperor.  From what I can gather is that we have been celebrating Valentine’s Day since the year 496 when Pope Gelasius declared it a national holiday.  Since then, the month of February has long been celebrated as a month of romance.

What is the point of Valentine’s Day?

Most couples celebrate Valentine’s Day with cards, flowers, candy, gifts, and nice meals out.

Why I Hate Valentine’s Day

  1. Just like with any other holiday, I feel it has become much too commercialized.  Everywhere you look are items you should buy for that special someone.  Spend, spend, spend…..
  2. I honestly feel the things that are done on Valentine’s day are things that should be done all the time.  Gifts that are given “just because” are the best gifts because they are unexpected.  I don’t want a gift “of love” one day out of the year because that’s the day “they” say we should celebrate it.
  3. Sometimes these gifts of love may seem fake, especially if you are in a new relationship.  Maybe the other person felt pressured into giving a gift?
  4. What about the other 364 days?  Those are the days that really matter!  The days of “just because”.
  5. A lot of single people feel left out and down in the dumps on February 14th.  It just emphasizes the fact they are alone (even if that’s how they want it to be…)
  6. A lot of people started their new year’s resolutions to lose weight in January and you’re already getting candy as a gift??!!  Ugh!

Ways to show love the other 364 days of the year

  • Leave love notes in a lunch box
  • Have a notebook in the house and randomly write sweet nothings in it and leave for the other to see.
  • Plan an unusual date.  Heck, just plan a date! lol
  • Clean the house (can you tell I’ve been married awhile?)
  • Send random texts just to let them know you are thinking of them
  • Be forgiving
  • Make them their favorite meal
  • Be willing to wear a C-Pap machine just so your spouse can sleep at night 🙂 (that, to me, is true love)
  • Travel the world with your spouse so they can fulfill their job duties (also, true love)
  • Don’t get mad when they bring home another animal.  Just smile and say ok…it will all work out
  • Support one another

However you choose to celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’ Day!


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