Friday the 13th; Do you believe in superstitions?

Friday the 13th!

Good morning!  It’s Friday the 13th!  You may ask why am I so excited?  Friday the 13th is my lucky day.  I was born on a Friday the 13th.  I think it’s a bit strange that I love these days so much because I’m extremely superstitious otherwise.  Which got me thinking about superstitions.  Does anyone else out there believe in superstitions?  If so, which ones and why?  Obviously, the number 13 is a huge one.  I find it so hilarious when buildings skip the 13th floor.

I’m freaked out when a black cat crosses my path.  I have to make an X in the air and say SOB 3 times.  For real.  I’m not kidding.  Just ask my kids!

For some reason I think it’s bad luck to only wear one sock, so I try to put my socks on as fast as I can.

I am definitely not going to walk under a ladder.  No way.

If you break a mirror, you better start praying, cause you’ve got some serious bad luck coming your way.

A penny has to be on heads if I’m gonna pick it up.

I knock on wood (or my head if none is available) a lot.

Umbrellas are not allowed to be opened inside.

If my hand itches, I just know money is coming my way.

If I spill salt, I have to throw a pinch of it over my right shoulder.


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