Female Entrepreneur: Series 2

Female Entrepreneur: Series 2

Heather Waldrop ~ Gold Ambassador with Plexus Worldwide

Hi!  My second interview in my female entrepreneur series is with Heather Waldrop.  I first met Heather in my 5 am workout class and she was a BEAST!  She was virtually untouchable by male and female alike.  What was so amazing about her was how humble and approachable she was.  She’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met!  A little over 2 years ago she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and didn’t feel well enough to come to the gym anymore.  I eventually quit going too, but we kept in touch over the years on Facebook.  I watched her miraculous story unfold when she discovered Plexus and I was so touched by it, I eventually took the plunge and joined her Plexus team!  Here is her interview:

Question: What business do you own?

Answer: I am an Ambassador (business builder) for Plexus Worldwide.

Question: Tell us a little about your business.

Answer: We are a health and wellness company that provides amazing life changing health supplements.

Question: How long have you been in business?

Answer: I have been on the products for 2 years 1/2 years.  Five months after I started the products, I decided to turn this opportunity into a business after my life and health were completely changed for the better.  For 1 1/2 years prior to Plexus, I was chronically tired and my immune system was so low that I struggled to go to work as well as come home to be the Momma and wife that I so desired to be.  Plexus gut health products changed all that for me!

Question: What made you decide to be an entrepreneur?

Answer: Well, I had experienced such an amazing life change and for me to keep these products a “secret” was not possible!  I kept seeing people that I just knew needed to at least give these products a try and for me not to tell them made me feel uneasy.  I felt like I was keeping an amazing secret from them!

Question: What was your main goal when you first started?

Answer: My first goal was to regain my health.  The second goal was to share the hope with as many people as I could so they could experience the health freedoms that I had.

Question: What is your favorite aspect?

Answer: That I can help give others hope for their health issues.  To be able to have customers and team members reach and achieve their goals is the best feeling!  The positive feedback never gets old!

Question: What is the worst aspect?

Answer: That people don’t give these products a try for their health concerns and instead turn to medication for everything which includes many harmful side effects.  I know that there are many times when medication is a plus but often their issues can be resolved when their gut health is taken care of.  The other bad aspect about this is for me to see individuals that want to do the network marketing to either get their product paid for, monthly mortgage/car payments covered, or to be able to retire from their jobs and to see them give up at the first sign of struggle.  Anything worth doing takes work but in the end, the success and financial blessing that you are striving for is so worth it.  The person I have become is crazy in a good way.  The fears that I have faced by jumping out of my comfort zone that kept me unable to breath is so freeing!

Question: What have you learned about yourself in the process?

Answer: That I am a strong woman and when I believe in myself, anything is possible!  I have learned that I don’t quit even when setbacks happen or when everything doesn’t go as I would like.  My failures and setbacks have made me stronger and continue to develop me into who I am!  I am so thankful for those trials!!!!

Question: How many hours a week do you work?

Answer: I currently work 32 hours at my full-time job as a Recreational therapist at St. Francis Hospital.  Serving people is my passion!  With my Plexus business, I squeeze my work into the nooks and crannies of my day.  There are times I work 30 minutes a day to 3 hours.  Truly it depends on my day and how much free time I have.  My goal is to be consistent daily in growing my business and in my own personal development, even if it can only be for a few minutes.  So much can get done with intentional productive work!

Question: Do you have any employees?  If so, how many?

Answer: I have an amazing team and customers in which I have been blessed with that continues to grow!  Such a blessing and I adore them!

Question: Did you start with a business plan?

Answer:Thankfully, when I paid $34.95 to start my business, Plexus provided me with the tools right off in how ot build a successful business plan.

Question: How long before you made a profit?

Answer: My first month!  By the second month, I was able to pay in full our Spring break cruise from 2 Plexus paychecks for my sweet 9-year-old daughter and husband.  My daughter Presley had been begging to go on a cruise and it just wasn’t in our budget until then.  God is so great and gracious to us.  Truly humbling.  I am currently a Gold Ambassador working my way to Sr. Gold Ambassador!

Plexus Ambassador Income

Question: At what point did you start to realize you could make money from your idea?

Answer: After the first month of sharing, I realized that my family’s life could be changed drastically financially from me just sharing my passion for these amazing health products.  I cried when I saw my first paycheck.  I could not believe it.  There is no way that I would be able to get a raise at the hospital for 1 year making what I made that first month.  I am grateful for my day job and have been so blessed to have been a 10-year employee but currently, our raises are on hold.  With Plexus, my raises depend on me and my sweet team.  God truly opened my heart and led me to continue this business so I can experience and truly dream those dreams that have always been in my heart but have not been obtainable until now!  I get over the moon excited thinking about the trickle-down effect I can have on individuals health and financial freedoms.  What a gift I have for being able to share.  This door that has been opened for me to go in has been amazing and I know will continue to be life changing!

My Closing Thoughts

Plexus truly is a wonderful company to work for!  Not only are their products the best in their field, but the personal growth you will achieve by being a part of this company is unreal.  And getting to be on Heather’s team has been nothing short of amazing.  She is always there to help answer my questions and I’ve enjoyed getting to know her better.

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