February 2017 Goals

February 2017 Goals

Can you believe it’s already February??  And the 3rd, at that?!  It just occurred to me that I need to evaluate my January goals and make some new ones!  I hope everyone had a wonderful January and a great start to February 🙂

January Blogging goals:

  • Post consistently : I think I hit the mark with this one.  I had intended to post on the blog every M,W,F but that seemed like too much, so I went to M,F
  • Weekly newsletters: I did this too!  I send out a newsletter every Thursday.  So if you didn’t get one, run, don’t walk, to my sign up form on my blog!
  • Post regularly on social media: Yes, with the help of some awesome software, I have discovered how to plan and post consistently.
  • Get more than 4 newsletter subscribers: Yep!  With the help of family, I am now up to 11!!  
  • Create pictures for all blog posts (even past ones): This one I failed at, but since I did everything else, I’ll let it slide.

February Blogging goals:

  • Create pictures for all blog posts
  • Create a landing page and opt-in
  • Keep increasing email subscribers
  • Begin my awesome online training I got for my Christmas present with Elite Blogging Academy.  I think that will keep me so busy, I’m not going to make any more blogging goals for the month.

January E-commerce store goals:

  • Enter all vendor supplies into shopify: Thanks to my business partner, Tiffany, everything has been entered!  We’ve even gotten some new accounts to enter!
  • Create marketing plan: Yes!  Finally!!  Expect to see lots more marketing from my store!

February E-commerce store goals:

  • Get all new vendors entered
  • Keep up with the marketing
  • Increase email subscribers to more than 21

January Diet and Exercise goals:

  • Consistently log meals and count macros: Well….. I did it for about 2 weeks….  I get discouraged so quickly
  • Workout at least 3 times a week: Well, I can give you my excuses, but that’s all they are.  But, we did finally get some awesome equipment for home workouts and I got up this morning and used it!

February Diet and Exercise goals:

  • See January above….  try 2

January Younique goals:

  • Create page on blog: Yeah, no, that didn’t happen.  I put it on the back-burner

February Younique goals:

  • See January above….try 2


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