Fall 2016 TV

Hi there!  Today’s prompt is “Which Fall shows should totally be cancelled already?”.  Well, I do not watch much TV and when I do it’s not the usual sitcoms that are on.  I have absolutely no idea what new shows there are.  Having said that, I do sometimes get on a kick to watch shows that have already aired, in marathon fashion.  My husband and I just finished watching Game of Thrones from the beginning.  Oh.  My.  Goodness!!!!  I wanted to cry when we watched the last show.  I feel so lost now!  Hubby wanted to immediately pick another show to start watching and I just couldn’t.  Whenever I finish a good book, I have to take some time to grieve the fact that it’s over.  This was the same for me.  I’m still in my grieving process.  I think we may start watching Outlander next.  Or Homeland.

What are your favorite shows?

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