Dumbest Fight

What’s the dumbest thing you and a partner have ever fought about?

I feel that after they are all said and done, most fights are usually due to miscommunication and in hindsight are usually dumb.  Gordon and I have one fight in particular that we always laugh about.  I don’t even remember what started it, but I think I was angry because the kitchen was dirty and felt like no one was helping to keep it clean.  But I was so angry, that I shoulder bumped Gordon when I walked by.  Then I proceeded to stomp upstairs and slam the bedroom door, which caused Gordon to yell upstairs to not slam his door.  He then followed me upstairs and said with a straight face, “I can’t believe you physically assaulted me”.  And just like that, whatever had made me angry dissolved into a fit of laughter.  I’m laughing now as I type this.  To this day, when I start getting angry, Gordon will say, “don’t make me shoulder bump you” and we turn into a bunch of giggling school aged children.

Find the humor.

What has helped my marriage is trying to find the humor in life.  It really is too short to stay angry.  Let it go.  Find the humor.  Remember what’s important.  If you don’t, I may shoulder bump you.


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