Do This One Thing to Change Your Life

Have you ever had someone come into your life when you least expected it and have them drastically change it for the better? I’m not talking about a partner. I’m talking about a teacher. One who teaches you how to love yourself, move on from past hurts, and empowers you to live as your authentic self. One who gives you the tools to be able to do this for the rest of your life.

Lindsay Preston has been that teacher for me.

After just 9 weeks into the course, I can honestly say her Unstoppable course will change your life.

I’ve told you about the Life Luvers course, and I have written about my progress with Unstoppable so far and I wanted to share with you where I’m at after 9 weeks.

My 21-day habits

Half-way through the course, Lindsay had us create 3 21-day habits! THREE! To do this, we first evaluated our top three needs. My top three needs were:

  • To be wanted
  • Appreciation
  • To be valued

Once we knew our top three needs, we then created 3 habits that would fill those needs. It should be something small that you could do every day, but also see the connection to how it would fill that need. Mine were:

  1. To fill the need to be wanted, I decided to write something I loved about myself every day. This may seem weird or even easy to some, but I’m here to tell you, this was the hardest one! It was especially hard for me since I’m a doubter and my IMG is constantly in my ear telling me #AllTheNegatvieThings.
  2. To fill the need for appreciation, I chose to write my WINS daily instead of weekly. By doing this, I’m able to remember even the small wins (those count too!). When you appreciate things big and small, you become grateful and more aware of how awesome you are!
  3. To fill the need to be valued, I decided to commit to 10 minutes of exercise daily. The point of this was not to get into shape but to just SHOW UP and learn that I should value my health.

Before starting our habits, Lindsay also asked us what our IMG had to say. Mine was screaming:

“These are dumb, and you know you aren’t even going to accomplish them”.

See how mean Everest is? By becoming more aware of her voice, I was able to anticipate her reaction and come up with ways to handle her when she showed up. Awareness like this is key, my friends!

*Side note* I decided to name my IMG Everest, because, to me, she is my biggest obstacle to becoming Unstoppable, almost like a mountain that needs to be climbed. Everest is my mountain.

How did I do with my habits?

I killed it!

And I’m happy to say I am still writing my WINS daily. That made the biggest impact on me. I challenge you to do the same. You’ll start to notice things that you never would have before. Especially the serendipitous moments. Those are so magical!

Why did Lindsay have us create these habits? To separate the talkers from the doers. It was time to walk the walk and prove to ourselves that we could do what we set out to do. It helped us create momentum and growth. It also helped us deal with our IMG and to become more aware of her and how to shift out of the IMG voice.

My IMG is a doubter and a pleaser. The doubter in me lives in shame and humiliation and the pleaser lives in fear. The doubter is too confused to even start. The pleaser is scared that it will work, and this change might make others mad.

By shifting out of these voices, your doubter becomes a team player and your pleaser becomes intuitive.

Looking back at my WINS

Celebrate your wins
  • I decided that I couldn’t make the changes I needed on the inside without also taking care of my body, so I reached out to a dear friend of mine for help. There are so many WINS in this statement, it’s crazy!
    • I reached out for help
    • I realized that my health is both internal and external
    • I made a commitment to my health
    • I’m ALL IN
  • I had a hard time committing to journaling daily and during my weekly call with Lindsay, I admitted my lack of writing. She gave me some much-needed tough love and I listened. Again, so many WINS!
    • I was honest even though I knew thought it would disappoint my coach. By doing this, I received the advice I desperately needed to hear.
    • I actually listened to her advice instead of getting defensive.
    • I committed to journal daily.
    • I realized why I had so much push-back with journaling. It made me more aware of my feelings and I would have to actually deal with them.
      • Ya’ll!!!!!!! Did you just read that!!???? IT MADE ME MORE AWARE OF MY FEELINGS!
  • The word EMPOWERED became a word that played over and over in my head daily as I made decisions that aligned with my goals.

My 90-day goals check-in

goals check in

My two 90-day goals were:

  1. To build my VA business
  2. To pay off a credit card

I’m very close to reaching both of these goals and it feels powerful! I’ve also learned it’s not really about the goal, but about the journey. It’s about the work you have to do to get to the end. It’s also about learning how to create a goal and setting yourself up for success.

You can’t just say I want to lose weight and then surround yourself with junk food and no concrete plan for actually losing the weight. You’ll just end up not losing weight, and then beating yourself up for letting yourself down again. Get out of that pattern!! You’ll never win at life that way.

My A-HA Moments

My biggest take-away so far is the power of journaling. Y’all know I fought it HARD, but now I see the importance of it. Becoming aware of our feelings and letting ourselves feel is how we grow. It’s how we connect with not only our inner self but those around us. It’s how we work through our issues.

Before Lindsay’s tough love, I was getting to a place where I had to admit some things I wanted to keep buried, so I would just close the journal and then numb myself with distractions. Distractions like scrolling on my phone, reading, drinking, or working. That awareness has completely changed me. Now when I know I have some feelings to work through, I journal, I do some self-care, I talk it out, or I just sit and feel.

I’ve learned that feeling isn’t the problem. Numbing those feelings and keeping them buried is the problem! No more! Thanks to Lindsay and her course.

This course has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but also one of the most rewarding. It’s something that I will forever be grateful for because it has been life-changing. But I’ve also PUT IN THE WORK. I committed to myself and that has been empowering!

Are you ready for a change? Are you ready to choose YOU?

For more information about this program, visit Lindsay Preston or reach out to me!

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