Is Depression Invading Your House?

What is Depression?

Depression is a rude bitch, y’all.  Most people reading this post have either had some form of depression or know someone that has had to deal with it.  It can come and go, or it can dig its claws in deep and hang on for quite awhile.  Knowing the signs can go a long way in either helping yourself or someone you love.

Depression can come in all shapes and sizes, young or old, it’s not particular about its victims, nor does it care who it hurts in the process.  It can be brought on by a traumatic event in someone’s life, or just show up for no apparent reason other than genetics.  Sometimes it is there all along, lying dormant until something occurs to awaken it.

Do you know depression?

You see, I’ve had a lot of experience with depression.  It’s been a battle I have fought for many years.  I’ve witnessed family members fight it, some have won and some have not.  I believe my depression is genetic and was just waiting for a reason to rear its ugly head.  My parent’s divorce was the trigger.  I was left feeling angry and confused and went into a deep depression.  Unfortunately, my friends were of the wrong variety and well, let’s just say I had a few dark years and leave it at that.

My family saw my depression and tried to get me help with therapists.  But they weren’t right for me.  I was just so ANGRY and wouldn’t listen to anyone.  I eventually went on antidepressants and that seemed to help.  One day, it was like a light went on in my head and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing hanging out with all those losers, marrying one even!  So, I walked out and never looked back.

Help with antidepressants

I managed to get off the antidepressants and life got better.  Then something stressful would happen, and guess what?  Depression snuck back into my life, most of the time without me even knowing it.  Now when I’m depressed, instead of being angry, I’m sad, spending my days crying and alone.  I would fight it, knowing it was a losing battle and eventually I would get the help I needed.  Sometimes I think I’m great and can go off the “happy pills”, but really I’m not.  I worry sometimes they are here to stay.  I’m thankful they are available to me, but it’s hard not to feel helpless at times.

Depression insta

Depression has invaded my house

I think my battle against depression has made me more aware of others that are battling it.  It has entered my household again, but not with me this time.  I intend to go in with guns blazing and will not back down.  Words cannot express how grateful I am to have such an understanding family doctor who not only took the time to listen but to thank me for noticing the signs and to ask for help.  To be validated that way filled me with such hope and happiness.  Genetics may be against us but we are aware and that is half the battle.

If you notice signs of someone you love growing more reclusive and unattached, don’t take it personally.  They are fighting an inner battle they can’t win alone.  They don’t even realize it’s happening to them and feel alone and confused.  Fight for them, they need you!


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  1. This is the most important, amazing, gut wrenching, honest post you have ever written. I am so proud of how you have handled your own depression and how you are willing to share your experience with others.

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