8 Techniques to Improve your Sleep


Insomnia.  We’ve all had it at some point in time.  Some suffer from it more than others. Not getting enough sleep can have detrimental effects on your health.
We all have commitments that cut into our sleep, such as work and family.  Usually, if you’re a morning person, you get up early to get things done first thing.  If not, you probably stay up late to get them done. Either way, you are more than likely not getting enough sleep.
Have you had nights where you tossed and turned, knowing you needed to go to sleep, but just couldn’t do it?  That is the worst feeling, counting down the hours until your alarm goes off, usually finally dozing off just before time to get up.
I’ve compiled a list of 8 techniques to improve your sleep.  If you’re having trouble sleeping, give these a whirl and let me know how they work for you.

Apply these 8 techniques to improve your sleep


  1. ASMR: Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.  This is probably the biggest YouTube trend you’ve never heard of.  These are videos you listen to, to help you fall asleep. They are varied in what they offer, but they all have the same goal.  For people who use this, they characterize it as a tingling sensation in the back of the head or neck in response to some sort of sensory stimulus found in the video.  This is turn relaxes you enough to fall asleep. My daughter listens to them to help her, and it seems to work!
  2. Reduce Stress Stress will definitely cause you to toss and turn.  For ideas on reducing stress, check out 9 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Stress.8 Techniques to help you improve your sleep ~ Read the blog post to learn how! Click To Tweet
  3. Have a night-time routine.  About an hour before bedtime, start the process of getting ready for bed.  Turn off the TV, get off the phone. Create a hygiene routine to follow (brush teeth, wash face, etc..).  Read more about the importance of a routine from Harvard.
  4. Limit Caffeine.  Learn what your limit is.  I’ve learned through trial and error that 5 pm is my cut-off time for caffeine.  I know some people who can’t have it at all. And others that it doesn’t seem to affect as much.  Know your body, know your limits. Pay attention.
  5. Read a book.  The number one thing that helps me more than anything is reading before bed.  I do my night-time routine, turn off all the lights, and read on my Kindle. I’m usually asleep within 5 minutes.read in bed
  6. Incorporate exercise Incorporate exercise into your daily routine.  This will help a lot more than you think!lift weights
  7. White Noise.  Would the sound of a fan, or rain falling, help you fall into a deep slumber?  I suffer from tinnitus and the ringing in my ears really bother me at night. So, I sleep with a fan on.  Just hearing a fan during the day makes me want to curl up and fall asleep (like Pavlov’s theory)!  There are tons of white noise apps you can get on your cell phone.  I use these when I travel and don’t have a fan.
  8. Have a comfortable bed with soft sheets.  It could be that all you need is a super awesome mattress with some super awesome sheets!  My bed and sheets make falling asleep something I look forward to in the evenings!comfy bed

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