13 New Year’s Resolutions and Resources to Help you Keep Them

As the New Year approaches quickly approaches, many of us start to think about a fresh start in the form of resolutions.  Some years I’m ready to make them and some years I’m not.  This year I’m ready!  I’m so ready to make a plan and see the results.  How about you?  Here are 13 possible resolutions and resources to help you get there.

1. Learn Something New

Have you ever heard of Udemy?  They have over 50,000 online courses guaranteed to have something for everyone!

2. Join a Facebook group

Are you a bit of an introvert and have a hard time connecting with people?  Try joining a Facebook group instead!

3. Join a Meetup group

Not as much of an introvert but want to meet new people with similar interests?  Join a meetup group.  There are hundreds of local groups to get you more involved with your community.

4. Join a Gym

working out

This is probably the most widely made resolution for sure.  Most gyms are PACKED in January and by February, the volume of people starts to diminish.  But if you can find one you love and stick with it, you’ll be amazed at the changes by the end of the year!  Do you like group classes?  Would you rather workout by yourself?  Would hiring a personal trainer keep you more motivated?  Maybe you would rather workout by yourself, but don’t know where to start.  There are several apps out there you can download on your phone to follow while you are in the gym.  My personal favorite is Bodyspace.

5. Learn a new sport or activity

Join a local team, take up running, or rowing, or hiking.  Afraid you won’t stick with it?  Have a specific goal in mind when you start, like training for a marathon.

6. Get a Side Job

Need some extra cash?  Get a side job!  Who knows, maybe you’ll find something you really love.  Can’t leave home?  Become a virtual assistant.  Upwork is an easy to use website with hundreds of opportunities.

7. Learn to Meditate

Maybe you need some calm in your life.  Learning to meditate could help you with that.  There are several free apps you can download on your phone to learn how.  My personal favorites are Stop, Breathe & Think, and Calm.

8. Get More Sleep

cat sleeping

We all know we don’t get enough sleep.  We all have busy lives and the one thing that usually gets the shaft is sleep.  Try setting an alarm an hour before you want to go to sleep so you can begin to unwind.  Make sure you stay off your phone and don’t watch TV during that hour.  Take a hot bath, read a book, snuggle with a loved one, etc….

9. Cut Out TV

What????  Are you crazy Shelly????  Yes, it can be done.  Think about it.  We spend so much time and money on sitting around watching TV, and then an equal amount of time complaining about being overweight or not having enough time for cooking our meals, etc…  Cut out the TV watching and let me know what all you can get done.  If I had it my way, there would be no TV in the house.

10. Get Organized

This is one I definitely need to adopt.  If only I could just hire a personal assistant to organize my life!  Here are some of my favorite organizational bloggers.  Subscribe to their newsletters and get inspired!  I must admit, I got a bit sidetracked as I pulled up all these blogs!

11. Volunteer

This is just a win-win for everyone.  It will help get you involved in the community, meet new people, and help others in need.  Here are some great websites to help you find local places to volunteer.

12. Become more Romantic

A lot of times we are so focused on improving ourselves, we forget about fostering our relationships.  Bring romance back into it and see what happens!  Leave sweet notes, send a sweet text, go on dates, get off the phone!

13. Spend less time on social media

social media

Time yourself for a few days and see how much time you spend on social media.  If it’s more than an hour a day, you need be more aware of your time spent on social media.  Get off the phone and work on your other resolutions!

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