10 Habits That Will Increase Your Productivity

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut and want to increase your productivity, then make some new habits! Creating new habits/routines with intentions to be more productive will make your productivity skyrocket!

  1. Create a morning routine. By creating a morning routine full of intention, you’ll be starting the morning off right. You’ll have a reason to get out of bed and get started on the right foot. I know I like to get up, meditate, stretch, take a look at my goals for the day, and do a little writing. It helps focus my energy and start my day off right.
  2. Create an evening routine. An evening routine will help you get ready for bed so you can get that sleep you desperately need to be productive the next day. I like to clean up after dinner, make my breakfast and lunch for the next day, go over what I need to do the next day and read until I’m fast asleep.
  3. Clean up as you go. If you clean up small messes as you make them, then you won’t be faced with a huge mess to clean up later. I do this at work but need to put this into practice at home!
  4. Use the 60-second rule. The rule is, if it takes you a minute or less to complete a task, then go ahead and do it. Don’t put it to the side to do later.
  5. Meditate. I’ve recently started meditating in the mornings and I really like how it calms the mind. If you have too many things swirling around in your head, it’s sometimes hard to bring that focus back to what’s important. After meditating, you feel refreshed and calm.
  6. Workout/stretch. Working out and stretching releases those feel good endorphins, which will make you happy. The happier you are, the more productive you are! Working out can also help you release any pent-up energy or frustrations.
  7. Write down what you’re grateful for. If you remember what you’re grateful for, you can’t be unhappy. Which leads us back to happy people are more productive!
  8. Prioritize each day. If you have 3 main goals you want to do each day and prioritize those tasks, you’ll more than likely get them done. This will leave you feeling more accomplished and not as overwhelmed. Putting too many things on your to-do list can sometimes backfire if you can’t get them done. By limiting your list, you aren’t setting yourself up for failure.
  9. Plan your cleaning days. If you schedule your cleaning days, you’ll know what’s coming up and will have made time in your day to do those tasks. Having a clean environment is conducive to productivity.
  10. Plan your meals. By planning your meals, you won’t waste time going to the store for random ingredients every day or end up in the drive-thru eating junk food. Cooking healthy meals at home will also keep you feeling good and increase your productivity. You can’t be productive if you’re sick.

 By creating these 10 habits, I assure you, your productivity will increase! How could it not?

Do you have any other habits you do that contributes to your productivity? I’d love to hear what they are!

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Do you struggle with wasting time, being unorganized, and simply being in a rut? Implement these 10 habits to increase your productivity.

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  1. Very good suggestions. I especially like the idea to prioritize my list and limit it to only 2 or 3 things. That way I’m not overwhelmed.

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