How to Become an Unstoppable Woman

My Journey So Far

Many of you know I recently completed the Life Luvers Challenge. If not, read about my journey on the challenge. It was only 21 days, but I learned so much in that time.

In fact, I wasn’t ready to stop. I knew I had learned so many valuable lessons and that there was even more to learn. That’s why I decided to keep going with Lindsay Preston and take her Unstoppable Woman course. When you finish a course on such a high, you aren’t willing to stop there!

I’m only 1/3 of the way through the course but wanted to share my journey and what I’ve learned so far.


Unstoppable Woman

The beginning of the course goes over all the tools you need to have in your “tool belt” for success. Things like counting your wins, journal writing, do you time, and mantras. I know what you’re probably thinking <insert eye roll>, “that is not going to help me. I’ve tried it before, and it never works.” I know, I know…. I was right there with you, rolling my eyes. “Oh great, just one more thing to add to my already busy day.” BUT you’ve never done those things with Lindsay’s guidance. She has a way of making you see how life changing those things can be. And once you start using those tools, THEY WORK!

One of the most eye-opening things in the first module, was an assessment to rate the different areas of fulfillment in your life. Wow. After taking the assessment, I realized I had a lot of work to do!

Using this assessment as a guide, you then create 2 BIG 90-day goals (the course is 90-days). My goals are:

  • To build my VA business
  • To pay off a credit card

Keep in mind, I’ve broken down exactly how I’m going to accomplish these goals using the S.M.A.R.T method (but I’m going to keep those details to myself for now). Both of these goals will get me closer to living a life I love. They are hard, but within reach. And friends, I’m only 1/3 of the way through this course and I can already tell you I’m VERY close to completing goal 1 and I already completed goal 2!!!!! The work you do in this course is REAL. Want to know how I’m doing this? KEEP READING!


Bullet Holes is Lindsay’s term for a learned behavior that is caused by something that has happened to us, usually in childhood. When you tap into what your personal bullet holes are, you can begin to heal them. Your IMG is also feeding those holes and will continue to do so until they are healed.

I had a one-on-one call with Lindsay to help me come up with a list of at least 20 bullet holes. I was really nervous about this call, but in order to move forward, you have to look at what’s holding you back.

My overall theme for bullet holes is that I’m not worthy or enough.

That hurts to see, written out for all the world to read.

I would never want someone I loved to feel that way. So, why has it been ok for me to feel that way about myself? That’s why I decided it’s time to start working on healing these bullet holes.


Next up, is a one-on-one call to learn more about your IMG. I wasn’t too nervous about this call, thinking I had the tough bullet holes call out of my way.

Y’all! I was so WRONG. This call was TOUGH.

My Inner Mean Girl is MEAN!!!!!!

This call was one of the most eye-opening experiences I’ve ever had. And I’ve had therapy on and off for years. All those hours in therapy were a waste a time. Spend a couple of hours with Lindsay and you’ll start to figure out who you are.

She had me talk to myself as my IMG. By the end I was a sobbing mess. When Lindsay asked me why, I answered, “I would never talk to one of my friends or someone I love that way”.

When we are more aware of how we speak to ourselves, we can start to shift out of that negative self-talk more often. Before you know it, you’ll be a mindset shifting machine!


Thankfully, after all that negative self-awareness, we then start to learn about our strengths. I just love this module because it’s something we rarely focus on. I wonder why that is? If we know where our strengths lie, we can live life in the balcony of those strengths.

I wish this was something that was taught in schools. Imagine how powerful that would be to learn what your strengths are as a teenager!

I had my oldest daughter take the Gallup Strengths Finder test like we do in Life Luvers and in Unstoppable. It was so awesome to see her reaction to learning more about her strengths! She has a bad habit of always saying, “I’m not good at anything”. That was why I wanted her to take the test. She needs to know that everyone is good at something. You just have to learn what that is sometimes.


We are now working on creating 3 new 21-day goals. The purpose of this is to help us reach our big 90-day goals (as they are to be aligned with those) and to give us momentum. The more momentum you have, the harder you want to work to reach your goals! My 3 new goals are:

  1. Writing my wins daily. I need to celebrate and notice my wins more often.
  2. Writing in my journal something I love about myself daily. This will help me feel worthy and appreciated. I shouldn’t have to wait for someone else to appreciate me!
  3. Get at least 10 minutes of exercise daily. I need to start incorporating exercise back into my routine and 10 minutes definitely seems doable.


I’ve always been someone who has been open to lots of different ways of thinking. I certainly was open to the thought of manifesting your future through mantras, goals, and journaling. But I was always a little skeptical.

I’m now NOT a skeptic. I’m a believer.

Let me tell you why.

One of my big 90-day goals was to pay off a credit card. It was a super lofty goal and one that I wasn’t entirely sure I could do.

I then decided I should also put a certain amount in savings to get ready for the fall. That’s when all of our taxes and back to school expenses happen. This just so happened to be the same amount that my credit card balance was. I just decided to save what I could and if I had any left over, I would apply it to the credit card.

Guess what?

I had a side project just land in my lap. One that I would never have had the confidence to agree to without this course, I might add. The money I am making from this side project is EXACTLY what I need to put money away in savings AND pay off the credit card.

What the what!?!

I get chills every time I think about it!


My journey so far has been full of a-ha moments. It really is like a light bulb going off!

As much as I fight journaling (not because I don’t want to, it’s just hard to take the time to do it), it really has been so helpful for me to have these a-ha moments.

After a bad day, I journaled about my feelings, and went to bed with nothing feeling resolved.

My very first thought upon waking up, was OMG! It’s not about me. It’s about xyz and her feelings. It was like a weight lifted off my shoulders. I’ve never had a revelation like that.

Another a-ha moment came the other day when I realized my pleaser IMG is keeping me from going for my big huge goal because I’m afraid it WILL work. I’m afraid that if when it works, people will be mad at me for the changes it will make happen.


There is no way I can go through such a life changing experience and NOT share it! I’m in no way an affiliate for this program and won’t gain anything monetary from sharing it.

I just want everyone to know how amazing Lindsay Preston and her programs are. I feel everyday I’m learning and growing into this Unstoppable Woman.

For more information about this program, visit Lindsay Preston or reach out to me!

BTW, if you’d like to take the Life Luvers Challenge, I have a sweet discount code for you. At checkout, just enter SHELLY20 and it’ll save you $20! This is not an affiliate link, just something awesome I wanted to share.

Why You Need a Life Coach Right Now

Raise your hand if you’ve been in therapy or thought you needed therapy. I’m willing to bet you’re raising your hand!

Well sister, I’ve had therapy multiple times throughout my life and left every time without feeling like my life improved in any way. Nine times out of 10 I left with a prescription of anti-depressants and a hole in my heart.

If you’ve had similar experiences, I have a solution for you. Let me introduce LIFE COACHING, in the form of Lindsay Preston. In just 21 days she has changed my life in so many positive ways.

What is a life coach?

A life coach is someone who helps you work through issues to improve your professional and personal life.

Lindsay Preston is a multi-certified life coach that has gone through her own struggles and come out the other side a new and improved person. She can talk the talk because she’s walked the walk.

I found Lindsay and her coaching courses quite by accident! I purchased an Ultimate Bundles productivity bundle and she had a course in there that I subscribed to. Not too long after that, I received an email discussing her Life Luvers Challenge. The more I read about it, the more I wanted to take it. I’ve felt a little stuck lately and thought it might help.

Lindsay doesn’t just accept anyone because she wants to make sure you’re ready for the work and fit the profile she works best with. You’ll participate in an online assessment and if you seem like a good fit, you’ll have a one-on-one call with Lindsay to discuss it even further.

I was super nervous about the call but not quite sold on whether or not I wanted to invest in it. About halfway through the call, I knew I was sold. In just 10 minutes she had me digging so deep into what I wanted to change and how badly I wanted it, I was fighting back tears. After I hung up the phone, I sat there for a few minutes in shock at how I spoke so openly with this stranger. It’s because Lindsay makes you feel safe in a vulnerable moment. Not everyone can do that, but she can.

During that phone call, she had me realize I’m quite motivated and goal driven, but something happens and I self-sabotage. If I don’t figure out why I continually do this I will never succeed. I need to make some life changes and I’m ready.

What is the Life Luvers Challenge all about?

The Life Luvers Challenge is a 21-day course for go-getter women who are ready to create a life they love. It teaches you how to create a goal that aligns with your values and how to accomplish it with the support you need to get there. You learn how to overcome the crap that’s weighing you down and claim a life that you know you deserve. You only need to commit about 30 minutes a day for 21 days and I promise you it’s so worth it.

My 21-Day Goal

At the beginning of the course, we create a 21-day goal that we want to work on. I created mine and for about a day I marinated on it. Then something occurred to me. I was not rising up to the challenge. I made a goal that was way too easy. It was something I could easily accomplish and wouldn’t challenge me at all. So, I called myself out on it and created a goal that will be a challenge for the next year the rest of my life.

I created a goal of losing 60 pounds in the next year.

There I said it. Out loud. For all the world to see in writing. Do you know how hard that was?

Obviously, that isn’t something that I can accomplish in 21 days, so the goal I chose for the challenge was to log all of my meals for the next 21 days to create awareness of my choices.

At the completion of the challenge, I’m happy to admit I reached my goal of logging all of my meals. I’m also back on the WW train. I attend meetings once a week, as well as weekly, weigh-ins. So far, it’s going really well and it’s something I plan on doing for the rest of my life.

If you don’t know this about me, I’m a serial Weight Watcher. My first go at it I lost 100 pounds, made Lifetime, ran marathons, and was on top of the world. But I didn’t work on the inside. This time around, I’m fixing the inside and the outside will just fall into place.

My biggest takeaways

The things I’m taking away from this course will forever change my life. I will be able to take what I’ve learned and incorporate them into my daily life over and over again.

My Inner Mean Girl (IMG) Did you know that we each have an IMG???!!!!! This has been my biggest takeaway, by far. My IMG has really done a number on me. She is strong, fierce, and relentless. But I am stronger and now that I’m aware of her, she doesn’t stand a chance. The IMG is basically your ego, the inner voice in your head that keeps you small. She’s negative, doubting, and only loves conditionally. Everyone’s IMG has their own personality and learning how to become aware of her is something you’ll learn in the course. Mine is a doubter, mixed with a little bit of pleaser and avoider. Once I was aware of what she was saying to me I was shocked at how incredibly mean she was to me and just how much I was listening to her.

I also gained a better understanding of my IMG when I realized she was just trying to protect me from failure, embarrassment, and disappointment. She was just being very narrow-minded about it.

Counting My Wins How many of you actually take the time to count your wins? Why is that, do you think? Lindsay taught us the importance of counting and writing our wins and even celebrating them. She taught us the different types of wins (inside and outside) and how to start to recognize them. Y’all!!!!! This has been life changing for me. I feel like I’ve missed out on recognizing so many wins because I wasn’t looking for them. Here are some examples:

  • Deciding to only have positive clients in my life, I walked away from a client that fed into my IMG too much and that exact same day I had a super positive person reach out to me about writing for her blog.
  • We needed nearly $400 to help pay for an SAT prep course that we didn’t have. That exact same day my husband received a random bonus at work for $400.
  • I created quarterly goals for my business, broken down into months. My goal for May was to have 2 clients. After forgetting that was even hanging on my vision board, I glanced at it May 2. Y’all, I booked my second client the day before, on May 1st.
  • Pulling out of my driveway one morning, I happened to glance up and saw that I left my light on in my office. I thought to myself, that’s where I’m going to make it happen (create my own business… I get up before going into work every morning and work on it in some way). At that exact moment, my Apple Watch vibrated with a message, Make It Happen.

This might sound woo woo to you, but for me, it’s real. My life is changing for the better.

Learning About My Strengths

Everyone has their own unique strengths. Learning to utilize those strengths to work in your favor definitely takes work. Just because they’re your strengths doesn’t mean you will automatically use them to the best of your ability. They can also work against you as a weakness if you let them.

In this course, you’ll learn about your top 5 strengths and how to live in the balcony of those strengths and not the basement. Read more about my strengths here.

For example, one of my strengths is Achiever. Being an achiever will definitely help me with seeing things through and wanting to always be working on something. But it can also backfire if I don’t learn how to say no or burn the candle at both ends by taking on too much. See how that works?

Learning About My Authentic Self

Your authentic self (AS) is the person you are meant to be. There are certain blocks I’ve created in my life to keep me from accomplishing that. For me, they are my weight, self-confidence, finances, and guilt of the past. All these things are from situations or decisions I’ve made in the past and I need to learn to let that go and move on.

Bullet Holes

Bullet Holes is Lindsay’s term for a learned behavior that is caused by something that has happened to us, usually in childhood. When you tap into what your personal bullet holes are, you can begin to heal them. Your IMG is also feeding those holes and will continue to do so until they are healed.

For me, this has been LIFE CHANGING. I’ve only just started to recognize those bullet holes, much less start to heal them. It will definitely take some work, but it will be worth it in the end.

What would I have missed had I not taken the course?

  • I wouldn’t have stood up to my IMG and re-joined WW
  • I wouldn’t have learned how to change my mindset
  • I wouldn’t have taken the time or even realized how to notice wins
  • I wouldn’t have learned how to align my goals with my values/intentions
  • I wouldn’t have learned how much waking up to a 15-minute positive filled video every morning would help change my life

Are YOU ready to make a change in your life? Are YOU ready to live the life you deserve? If the answer is yes, then you need Lindsay’s course, the Life Luvers Challenge in your life.

As a special treat, Lindsay has graciously given me a code I can share with my readers for $20 off the challenge. At checkout use the code SHELLY20 to save $20!

This is not an affiliate link and I won’t receive any compensation if you join. This is just me sharing something awesome with my readers! If you have any questions about this course, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

The Enneagram: What Is It and Why Do I Care?

To wrap up my month of productivity posts, I wanted to write about the Enneagram. I kept hearing about this personality test on the podcasts I listen to and decided to see what all the fuss was about.

What is an Enneagram?

Have you ever heard of the enneagram? It is a personality test consisting of 9 different types (“ennea” means nine), based more on your emotions and may help point out your underlying fixations.

The more I understand my personality, the more I’m learning ways to better myself and my productivity. It helps me gain insight into why I do what I do and how I can improve.

What are the different types and what does it mean?

Type 1: The Reformer

The Reformer is a perfectionist to the extreme. They will do anything to avoid being wrong. They have the highest of ideals and standards and project those standards onto others. They always want to find ways to improve because nothing is good enough. The Reformer can also feel guilt for not achieving perfection, which can sometimes turn into anger.

Reformers are also great leaders and can inspire reform movements. They are ambitious, sometimes to a fault. It’s easy for them to become workaholics.

Type 2: The Helper

The Helper loves to be needed. They feel their whole reason for being here is to love and help others. They are completely selfless and fill their cup by loving and helping those around them.

The Helper needs to be careful to not forget about taking care of themselves. Emotional and physical burnout are often flaws of type 2.

Type 3: The Motivator (or Achiever)

In order for the Motivator to feel worthy, they need validation. In order to get this validation, some type 3’s may lose sight of what’s important over winning approval of others. The Motivator is competitive and puts a lot of value into winning and looking the best.

Motivators make great salesman as they tend to be smooth talking extroverts. They are also great at networking and others want to be around them for their contagious energy. Type 3’s should take a deep look inward at what makes them happy and not focus on what others think so much.

Type 4: The Individualist (or Romantic)

The individualist is highly emotional and sensitive and always striving to understand themselves. They attach so much importance to their feelings, and emotional and spiritual growth.

Type 4’s have a deep need for self-expression, usually through the arts, such as writing or music. They can also become depressed and self-absorbed during stressful situations.

Type 5: The Investigator (or Thinker)

The Investigator is one who likes to think and observe. While they are comfortable in thought, they struggle with dealing with their emotions, relationships, or finding their place in the world. Type 5’s are shy, easy-going, independent, and hate asking for help.

The Investigator is also very sensitive and struggles with social skills. Since they don’t like dealing with emotions, they may come across as careless.

Type 6: The Loyalist

The Loyalist’s strength is also their greatest weakness. They can be loyal to a fault. Type 6’s want to put their trust and loyalty into someone but they find it hard to do so, especially if they’ve been burned in the past. But at the same time, they can trust someone who doesn’t deserve it.

Type 7: The Enthusiast

The Enthusiast is someone who is always thinking about the future, seeking new experiences, planning, dreaming, and envisioning. They tend to have an entrepreneurial spirit and love to constantly seek out new things.

Type 7’s also flee from negative emotions which can wreak havoc on their emotional health, sometimes leading to anxiety or depression. They are also more prone to addictions, such as shopping, gambling, drugs, etc..

Type 8: The Challenger (or Confronter)

The Challenger is the one to take charge of a situation because they themselves do not want to be controlled. They are strong willed, tough minded, and assertive to a fault. Type 8’s are energized by conflict, where most other types run from it. They are go-getters and financially independent.

The Challenger also has a hard time trusting people and letting them into their inner circle. Betraying that trust is a hard no for the Challenger.

Type 9: The Peacemaker (or Mediator)

The Peacemaker is exactly how is sounds. They are the peacemaker of the group, always looking for harmony. They avoid conflict, almost to the point of withdrawal. Type 9’s tend to be introverted, easy going, optimistic, and go with the flow. 

The Peacemaker feels most at home outdoors and has faith that things will always work out.


What type am I?

I took several different Enneagram tests and they all came back with different conclusions. One test said I was a 9, while another said 7, and another said 5.

After reading through all the types, I think I most identify with a 7, but a 9 is a close second. They say you are only one type and may have tendencies with a type next to it.

After reading what a Type 7 is, I have learned I need to finish what I start and stick to my goals. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. I have definitely concluded I have an addictive personality. I learned that when I traded one addiction (food) for another (running). I have tried to have more balance in my life the more I’ve become aware of it.

How will knowing this type help me with productivity?

Since I know I’m the type to get bored easily and move on to the next big thing, I’m going to try to put my blinders on, stay consistent, and keep on blogging 😊

If you want to take an Enneagram for yourself, try one of these websites:

Eclectic Energies

Enneagram Test

9 Types

The Enneagram Institute

I’d love to hear what type you are and if you learned anything more are your personality!

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10 Habits That Will Increase Your Productivity

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut and want to increase your productivity, then make some new habits! Creating new habits/routines with intentions to be more productive will make your productivity skyrocket!

  1. Create a morning routine. By creating a morning routine full of intention, you’ll be starting the morning off right. You’ll have a reason to get out of bed and get started on the right foot. I know I like to get up, meditate, stretch, take a look at my goals for the day, and do a little writing. It helps focus my energy and start my day off right.
  2. Create an evening routine. An evening routine will help you get ready for bed so you can get that sleep you desperately need to be productive the next day. I like to clean up after dinner, make my breakfast and lunch for the next day, go over what I need to do the next day and read until I’m fast asleep.
  3. Clean up as you go. If you clean up small messes as you make them, then you won’t be faced with a huge mess to clean up later. I do this at work but need to put this into practice at home!
  4. Use the 60-second rule. The rule is, if it takes you a minute or less to complete a task, then go ahead and do it. Don’t put it to the side to do later.
  5. Meditate. I’ve recently started meditating in the mornings and I really like how it calms the mind. If you have too many things swirling around in your head, it’s sometimes hard to bring that focus back to what’s important. After meditating, you feel refreshed and calm.
  6. Workout/stretch. Working out and stretching releases those feel good endorphins, which will make you happy. The happier you are, the more productive you are! Working out can also help you release any pent-up energy or frustrations.
  7. Write down what you’re grateful for. If you remember what you’re grateful for, you can’t be unhappy. Which leads us back to happy people are more productive!
  8. Prioritize each day. If you have 3 main goals you want to do each day and prioritize those tasks, you’ll more than likely get them done. This will leave you feeling more accomplished and not as overwhelmed. Putting too many things on your to-do list can sometimes backfire if you can’t get them done. By limiting your list, you aren’t setting yourself up for failure.
  9. Plan your cleaning days. If you schedule your cleaning days, you’ll know what’s coming up and will have made time in your day to do those tasks. Having a clean environment is conducive to productivity.
  10. Plan your meals. By planning your meals, you won’t waste time going to the store for random ingredients every day or end up in the drive-thru eating junk food. Cooking healthy meals at home will also keep you feeling good and increase your productivity. You can’t be productive if you’re sick.

 By creating these 10 habits, I assure you, your productivity will increase! How could it not?

Do you have any other habits you do that contributes to your productivity? I’d love to hear what they are!

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How To Increase Productivity Based on Personality

Have you ever tried to be productive in the same way as your co-workers or classmates and just can’t do it?

Have you ever wondered how some people can get a gazillion things accomplished in one day, but others are doing good if they get 2 things checked off their to-do list?

It may be personality type that is affecting productivity. There are 4 main categories and knowing what category you fall into may help you increase your productivity. You can learn what environment helps you the most and what your style is.

The Prioritizer

What you’re good at: You’re a prioritizer if you love having goals, are a great problem solver and are a wiz at keeping a project on track. Your favorite things are time tracking tools and to-do lists.

What you’re not good at: You won’t be good with spontaneity, or ideas that aren’t fact-based. You’ll also have a hard time with focusing on the how because you just want to focus on the fastest way to solve the problem.

Every team needs a prioritizer to help keep them on track and help them with problem-solving. They also aren’t fans of small-talk, so you won’t find them wasting time with gossip.

The Planner

What you’re good at: You’re a planner if you geek out on organization, and well thought out, detailed thinking. You’re great at writing detailed directions and summaries (for example, in emails).

What you’re not good at: Like the prioritizer, you don’t like spontaneity or anything that breaks away from the plan. Sometimes this can mean you’ll miss out on opportunities for fear of deviating from the plan.

Every team needs a planner to see the details of a project. They are always on time, get to the point, and will find the mistakes everyone else misses. Planners make great project managers.

The Arranger

What you’re good at: You’re an arranger if you think with your emotions and like to make sure everyone on the team is ok. An arranger loves to be supportive and show empathy.

What you’re not good at: You’re not great at hiding your feelings or working by yourself. You may find yourself getting caught up in work gossip.

Every team needs an arranger to uplift and encourage the them.

The Visualizer

What you’re good at: You’re a visualizer if you love working in a high-pressure environment and juggle multiple projects at one time. You thrive off spontaneity and curveballs.

What you’re not good at: You sometimes miss the details because you’re focused on the big picture.

Every team needs a visualizer to bring innovative ideas to the table and help connect the dots.

If you want to participate in my free 30-day productivity challenge, click the link below!

The personality types found at 16 personalities can also help describe your productivity style.


Extroverts love to be around people and get their energy from others. Working in an environment with lots of other people will energize them and increase their productivity. Working remotely wouldn’t be good for an extrovert! Extroverts are great for teaching others and getting the conversations and ideas flowing. 


Introverts are quite the opposite of an extrovert. Being around a lot of people will zap them of any productivity and drain them. Introverts work best by themselves, in quiet spaces.


Sensing people are very grounded and realistic. They are most productive when their information is laid out there in easy-to-understand formats, such as outlines and visual props. In order to not lose focus, a sensing person needs to take a step back from time to time and remember the big picture.


If you are intuitive, you may have a hard time staying focused. Taking short breaks every hour or so will bring your focus back to where it needs to be. Intuitive people are also creative and are more productive when allowed to let their creativity flow!


Feelers feel everything! They are most productive in a positive environment with no drama. If someone is feeling down, a feeler will try to make them feel better and forget about their work.


Judging people like an orderly, structured environment. They wouldn’t do well in a very disorderly work space or spontaneity.


Perceivers go-with-the-flow and love spontaneity. Don’t put them in a structured, orderly environment that a judging person would love. Perceivers also have a hard time with meeting deadlines and procrastination. In order to stay productive, having mini-deadlines can be a good idea.

As you can see, productivity cannot be a one-size fits all. We are all different and accomplish things in different ways. To everyone in one category would be doing the entire team a disservice.

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